Lake Pontchartrain Properties, LLC dba Pontchartrain Landing Marina & RV Resort

Courtesy of Lake Pontchartrain Properties

    Founded in the recovering 9th Ward of New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina, Lake Pontchartrain Properties, LLC provides a city experience with an outdoor flare to RV travelers. This unique, gated Marina Resort features a restaurant, bar, vacation rental villas, boat launch, and RV sites. CEO Scott Schenck was able to grow Lake Pontchartrain Properties, LLC into a successful tourist attraction despite a negative public perception and a skeptical lending environment in the area. Scott fosters a warm, friendly environment for his employees and organizes special events on the grounds to maintain their enthusiasm about the company. Looking ahead, Scott would like to physically expand the footprint of Lake Pontchartrain Properties.

    Company Information

    Five-Year Growth Rate (%)57.33%
    2017 Revenues ($M)$3,262,558
    HQ LocationNew Orleans, Louisiana
    Business Leader(s)Scott Schenck