Courtesy of Dynalabs

    Since opening its doors for business in 2004, DYNALABS has enjoyed uninterrupted growth for the past 14 years. This success hasn’t been without its financial, regulatory and operational challenges associated with growing a business in an evolving, and increasingly regulated market. The DYNALABS team of Fabella, Pruett, and Odegard has met these challenges with determination, perseverance, and innovative solutions that have resulted in an international reach, and the creation of over 100 jobs in the St. Louis region. The regulatory shift that drove the growth in the compounding pharmacy market place starting in 2004, repeated itself in 2014 with increased regulation of California hospital pharmacies, and the federally mandated formation of the 503B Outsourcing Facility marketplace. DYNALABS was well positioned to take advantage of these increased regulations, and it is what has driven growth over the past 4 years. Future grow will be driven in part by increased emphasis on consulting with their clients, a move into the CMO/CDMO/CRO marketspace as a contract laboratory and lastly by the DVx, a device that that can used by the client to test the identity and strength of a drug in seconds, for pennies, at push of a button. DYNALABS continues to strive for innovative solutions to improve and protect the well-being of their clients, and the lives of the patients.

    Company Information

    Five-Year Growth Rate (%)69.32%
    2017 Revenues ($M)$13,676,894
    HQ LocationSt. Louis, Missouri
    Business Leader(s)Jun Fabella