U.S. Bedding

Courtesy of US Bedding Inc.

    While caring for his mother at home in Vietnam in the late 80s, David Nguyen was surprised by the unavailability of quality beds in the country. Motivated to change this reality, he started a mattress company in Vietnam in the early 1990s, and later brought his talent to America with what is now U.S. Bedding. Now a multimillion-dollar company, U.S. Bedding is helping lead the revival of American-made bedding products. The company currently provides quality, U.S.-made bedding products to retailers including Costco and universities such as Harvard. David was also asked to custom-make a mattress for the Queen’s Room in the White House. A true leader in the community, David collaborates with local workforce training programs and the unemployment office to hire those who are struggling to find work.

    Company Information

    Five-Year Growth Rate (%)387.50%%
    2016 Revenues ($M)$7.80
    HQ LocationFall River, Mass.
    Business Leader(s)David Nguyen
    TitlePresident and CEO