Courtesy of BWI LLC

    In 2005, Gary and Lori Hobbs founded BWI to develop, build, own, and manage sustainable housing for affordable and market-rate communities in Indianapolis. Hobbs calls his company “a developer with a purpose” and focuses on building spaces for special needs residents such as seniors and single mothers. The company remains dedicated not only to the construction of a project, but to the long-term satisfaction of its residents: BWI conducts annual quality-of-life surveys to make sure its facilities are serving tenants well. As it grows, BWI aims to explore development opportunities elsewhere in Indiana, including Gary, Evansville, and Fort Wayne.

    Company Information

    Five-Year Growth Rate (%)2389%
    2014 Revenue$8.61 million
    HQ LocationIndianapolis, IN
    Company OwnerGary Hobbs
    Owner TitleCEO