Impact 20-2020-DoctHERS
Courtesy of DoctHERSCourtesy of DoctHERS

    Headquartered in Pakistan, doctHERs focuses on tapping an underused resource: female healthcare providers. Though 80% of medical school graduates in the country are women, the majority do not participate in the workforce, largely due to sociocultural barriers, unsafe working environments, and inflexible job offerings. At the same time, patients—particularly women from the poorest households—are underserved. doctHERs, founded in 2015, is righting the situation with telemedicine; the company deploys technology along with specially trained women health workers to factories, corporate offices, ambulances, and clinics to connect patients to doctHERs’ global network of home-based female healthcare providers and specialists. Last year, in partnership with Unilever, the company says it impacted more than 1 million girls and women in more than 1,750 villages. The company, which reports a valuation of $25 million, has raised $1.75 million of a target $3.5 million in its ongoing Series A Round.

    Company information

    CEOSäbeen Fatima Haque
    No. of employees (approximate)200
    InvestorsGray Matters Capital, Unilever, Philips, Pfizer, Grand Challenges Canada, Punjab Population Innovation Fund (PPIF), Levi Strauss Foundation, Tommy Hilfiger