Paul 'Mo' Moline and Jim Round

Courtesy of C.H. Robinson
  • Affiliation
    C.H. Robinson Worldwide
  • Title
    General Manager and Global Forwarding Regional Director, respectively
  • Age
    51 and 46
  • Location
    Forth Worth and Grapevine, Texas

Location: Forth Worth and Grapevine, Texas


Paul “Mo” Moline and Jim Round have been touched by cancer more than a few times. In the mid-90s, Moline’s mother was diagnosed with bone cancer, and a few years later, Round’s father was told he had the disease in his lungs. In 2001, Moline and Round, friends who have both worked at trucking and logistics company C.H. Robinson (No. 225) for more than twenty years, decided to channel their pain into something more productive: a small golf event to raise money for cancer research. As the years passed, the annual golf tournament evolved into a much larger weekend of activities christened the “MJ Event:” they’ve held kickball and softball tourneys, a Texas Hold’Em competition, silent auctions and rides around the Texas Motor Speedway with professional NASCAR drivers. The event attracts hundreds of participants every year, including many of C.H. Robinson’s top executives. Then, in 2013, Round was diagnosed with skin cancer. While he was under the knife, Moline found out that he had prostate cancer. (“When I was diagnosed with cancer, I was getting all kinds of attention Mo didn’t like, so Mo got cancer too,” Round jokes.) Though they’re both doing well now, their own bouts with the disease made the MJ Event all the more personal. Since starting the fundraiser in 2001, Moline and Round have collected more than $5 million for cancer research and support.