Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba, The Honest CompanyPhotograph by Stephanie Keenan—Getty Images
  • Name
  • Affiliation
    The Honest Company
  • Title
    Founder and Chief Creative Officer

Many people who live an organic lifestyle want to spread the good word; some have even turned that passion into a business. But few have been as successful as Alba. Her Honest Company sells high-quality, reasonably priced, eco-friendly goods—widely available at stores including Target and Whole Foods. Where other companies use formaldehyde and ammonia in their kitchen cleaning products, The Honest Company uses coconut-based cleaners and essential oils (although a recent lawsuit, which Alba has called “baseless” alleges some products contain unnatural and synthetic ingredients). Many of its products are biodegradable. The idea clearly resonates, because the company is growing steadily: It’s been valued at nearly $1.7 billion, with plans to expand internationally.