Cristina Mariani-May

Christina Mariani-May, Banfi VintnersPhoto: Courtesy of Banfi Vintners
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    Banfi Vintners
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If you like Italian wine, odds are you’ve had a bottle from Mariani-May’s Banfi Vintners. As co-CEO of the burgeoning wine empire, which every year imports and markets millions of cases of wine from all over the world, Mariani-May has pushed the brand towards modern and sustainable practices—both by partnering with biodynamic wine companies and by promoting the use of new winemaking equipment. It was on Mariani-May’s watch that Banfi’s flagship property, Castello Banfi, became the first winery in the world to receive a triple ISO designation, awarded for exceptional environmental, social, and ethical responsibility; she also built a boutique hotel there as a way to make the winery a travel destination.