Illustration by Matt Chessco

    Jack Morris joined Instagram during a transitional period of his life. Craving more excitement than his minimum-wage job as a carpet cleaner in Manchester, U.K., could provide, he impulsively quit and began traveling the world in 2012. Simultaneously, the then 21-year-old launched and ran several niche Instagram accounts that targeted animal lovers, fashion fans, car enthusiasts, and more. As his follower count grew, brands took notice and reached out with partnership offers, which provided Morris with enough money to continue his travels. Eventually his personal account, @doyoutravel, surpassed the others, becoming Morris’s full-time job. Through @doyoutravel, Morris appeals to the wanderlust of his 2.5 million followers, sharing stunning photos of himself taking in natural landscapes, staying at enviable accommodations, and liaising with locals he meets along the way. His impressive audience, artistic shots, and previous experience working with brands have allowed him to monetize @doyoutravel through partnerships with the likes of Disney, Airbnb, Uber, and American Express. But the biggest game changer came when Morris and Lauren Bullen, his then girlfriend and fellow travel influencer, began selling their Lightroom photo presets. Now fans of his work can re-create his style on their own grid by purchasing the professional color-grading filters Morris designed himself, inspired by his travels. The presets come in packs of nine and are available for mobile and desktop alike, respectively ranging from $27 to $47 per set. Follow: Instagram Website