Fortune + Time's Up ask the candidates about the issues that matter to working women

While presidential candidates answer hundreds of questions about the economy, they’re rarely asked about the economic issues that most directly affect women. In an attempt to move these topics into the mainstream, Fortune has partnered with Time’s Up Now to ask all the 2020 presidential candidates—including President Donald Trump—a series of questions about their policy positions related to gender equity and working families.    Thirteen of the remaining 15 candidates, as well as four who have since left the race, participated in the project, which published Jan. 28, 2020. Two—Republican primary challengers Bill Weld, former governor of Massachusetts, and Joe Walsh, former Illinois congressman—chose not to participate.   As a 501(c)(4) organization dedicated to promoting safe working conditions for women, Time’s Up Now faces limitations on asking primary candidates personalized questions. For more context on candidates’ records and personal experience with these issues, please see this companion piece from Fortune. —Emma Hinchliffe