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    Take-Two Interactive

Take-Two Interactive Software has been on a hot streak, as sales of its blockbuster video games including Grand Theft Auto V and NBA 2K19 outperform all expectations. The developer and publisher, led by CEO Strauss Zelnick, creates games—physical, streaming, and digital—for gaming consoles, computers, and mobile devices. In fiscal 2019, it racked up $2.67 billion in revenue, up nearly 50% from the previous year.

Since then, Take-Two has continued to impress Wall Street, recently raising its outlook for 2020. The company predicts that in fiscal 2020 it will generate revenue of $2.83 billion to $2.93 billion, which would represent a 6% to 10% jump from 2019. Zelnick, who earned both an MBA and a law degree from Harvard, said Take-Two currently has the strongest pipeline of games in its history, with titles including Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey, Borderlands 3, and WWE 2K20 releasing in fiscal 2020. It has managed to grow both physical and digital sales of its games while simultaneously boosting the amount of money people spend on add-on content, in-game purchases, and virtual currency. Investors remain bullish on Take-Two: The company’s stock has risen more than 140% in three years.

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