Mary Dillon

Photograph by Rebecca Greenfield for Fortune
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    Ulta Beauty

No blemishes here: With sales up 74% and the stock up 82% from this time three years ago, the Ulta juggernaut continues, despite other retailers—from Walgreens to Target to Macy’s—raising their beauty game. Ulta figured out early on that customers want beauty products up and down the price ladder, salon services, and a self-service approach (rather than cloying beauty counter salespeople). And it has thrived under the leadership of CEO and self-professed hair product aficionado Mary Dillon. In just the past couple of months, Ulta has announced deals with the high-end Kiehl’s brand and an exclusive arrangement with social media sensation and lip kit queen Kylie Jenner, whose products will get their first-ever brick-and-mortar presentation