Businessperson of the Year

How does one choose a Businessperson of the Year? We think you have to start with the basics: Is the top dog delivering results? To answer that question, Fortune’s data guru, Scott DeCarlo, constructed an exacting screen. It parses and ranks companies by 12- and 36-month increases in profits, revenues, and stock performance, and factors in return on capital and debt. (We give the 12-month results more weight to capture who’s killing it today but also include the 36-month figures to eliminate those who had one lucky year.) Then, of course, come the intangibles: Is the CEO influencing business? Taking bold, visionary steps? The list that follows reveal star executives with wildly varying styles and approaches, but one thing in common: They deliver, big-time. By: Scott Cendrowski, Geoff Colvin, Laura Entis, Adam Lashinsky, Clifton Leaf, Michal Lev-Ram, Leena Rao, Jonathan Vanian, Nicholas Varchaver, Phil Wahba, and Jen Wieczner