Robert Martin

Photograph by Charles Jischke
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    Thor Industries

Thor’s brand may not be as recognizable to the layperson as rival Winnebago, but it generates more than four times the revenues. The recreational vehicle company shares a name with the Norse god of Sky and Thunder, but in this case the “Th” represents co-founder Wade Thompson and the “Or” is for co-founder Peter Orthwein. Thor has been enjoying a pristine climate—and rocking results. In just two years as CEO, Martin—an industry veteran who was previously Thor’s COO—has had the company’s pedal to the metal as revenues have accelerated by a cumulative 23% and profits have sped up 30%, according to S&P CapitalIQ. Of course, good timing never hurts, and Martin is presiding at a moment when Baby Boomers are surging into retirement and, apparently, zesting for an RV and the open road. And that wave of new retirees should continue for some years.

Update: An earlier version of this entry incorrectly described the origins of Thor’s name and incorrectly attributed to Martin a prediction about future growth.