Modern Technology Solutions, Inc.

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    Employees say: “I have the autonomy to be creative and innovative, and have great influence over decisions made by our senior executive team, which I really love. I have been given loads of flexibility over the past year to be able to work from home full-time, so that I could assist my kids during their virtual learning. I have been fully trusted to do whatever I need to do to take care of my family during the pandemic - no questions asked!!! And I haven't missed a beat performance-wise. In fact, I was promoted during the pandemic which was amazing!” Read the Great Place to Work review.

    Company Info

    IndustryProfessional Services
    Industry verticalConsulting Engineering
    HQ locationAlexandria, Va.
    # of work sites9
    U.S. Employees1,381
    Worldwide employees-
    U.S. revenue$322,703,502
    Total worldwide (including U.S.) revenue in the latest fiscal year$271,553,592
    Date info provided (companies may opt to keep some data confidential)July 02, 2021