The Cheesecake Factory

    For employees who want a career at this casual restaurant chain, there's plenty of opportunity. Full-time employees receive 327 hours of training and development classes each year, while part-timers get 151 hours. Plus, designated trainers get the chance to travel around the nation, teaching employees how to be "So Cheesecake," company lingo for having fun on the job. Read "Questions for David Overton." Also check out the Great Place to Work review.

    Company Information

    HQ LocationCalabasas Hills, Calif.
    Type of OrganizationPublic
    Year Founded1,978
    Total # of Employees35,668


    % of Hispanic/Latino employees surveyed who say it's a great workplace89%
    % Hispanic/Latino37%
    % of Women43%
    % of Women in Executive Positions28%
    % of Women in Manager Positions22%
    % of Minorities60%
    % of Minorities in Executive Positions17%
    % of Minorities in Manager Positions39%