VMware-best workplaces for diversity 2017
Courtesy of VMware

    Employees say:   "VMware is like home to me. I feel appreciated and am recognized for my hard work. I am always given the chance to learn and take on new opportunities. And when I have gone through personal challenges, management has been there to support me."   "I am truly amazed at how diverse a culture we have built around here. I have no doubt that the statistics will demonstrate we have an increasing number of people with all kinds of backgrounds—whether it's race, culture, language, or gender—that take up many different positions in the company. But it's really what lies beyond the statistics that makes this a unique and great place to work. I feel more relaxed here because I am not compelled to pretend to be someone I am not. There isn't a single model of success forced down from the top. Instead, people respect you for who you are and what you do. Recognition is earned through technical competence, extra diligence, and work ethics regardless of racial, cultural, and gender differences. There is a lot of goodwill, from the top down, to recognize and leverage people for what they are good at and to accommodate and help them where they need it."   Read Great Place to Work review here.

    Company Info

    HQ LocationPalo Alto, Calif.
    IndustryInformation Technology
    Year Founded1,998
    # Work Sites53
    Web Addresswww.vmware.com/
    Revenue (Most Recent Year)$7093 million


    Minority Executives34%
    Minority front-line managers43%
    Minority mid-level managers37%
    Women Executives20%
    Women front-line managers31%
    Women mid-level managers26%
    Boomers or older14%