Courtesy of Ontraport

    “Unlimited PTO!!! We are trusted to taking unlimited PTO as long as we get our work done and make sure our department is moving forward! I never have to worry about if I’ll have enough time to take that dream vacation or make a wedding, etc. Sooo cool!” says one employee. Read the Great Place to Work review here.

    Company Info

    IndustryAdvertising & Marketing
    SectorDirect Marketing
    Year founded2,006
    HQ locationSanta Barbara, California
    Type of organizationPrivate
    Total U.S. employees106
    Total employees worldwide106
    Number of work sites1

    Flexibility Program

    Offers telecommutingNo
    % of employees who telecommute-
    Offers flextimeYes
    % of employees who use flextime75%
    Offers job sharingNo
    % of employees who use job sharing-
    Offers compressed workweeksYes
    % of employees who use compressed workweeks100%
    Offers phased retirementNo
    % of employees who have used phased retirement-