Mariana Costa

Courtesy of Mariana Costa
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    Cofounder and CEO
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Mariana Costa cofounded Laboratoria to ensure that women are part of Latin America’s growing tech sector, a vital vehicle for economic opportunity. The tech boot camp will have trained 3,000 women across several Latin American countries by the end of this year, Costa estimates, with a post–boot-camp job placement rate of nearly 90% last year. Costa says she was inspired by Black Girls Code founder Kimberly Bryant, whom she saw speaking at a conference that she attended through a scholarship from Google—which today is one of Laboratoria’s leading donors. Currently she’s working on a new venture, intended to be a division within the company called Laboratoria+. It will focus on helping women who are already in tech grow in their careers so that they can become leaders and influence the future of the sector.       Follow: Twitter Instagram