Kristina Saffran

Kristina Saffran
Courtesy of Equip
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    Cofounder and CEO
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For nearly 15 years, since recovering from an eating disorder herself, Kristina Saffran has been working to make effective treatment accessible to others. Only 20% of the 30 million Americans who suffer from disordered eating ever get help, and the stakes are high: The mortality risk and costs associated with eating disorders exceed those of most other psychiatric disorders. In 2008, Saffran founded Project HEAL to fund treatment for those who couldn’t afford it. Realizing such a nonprofit couldn’t fill the gaps in care alone, she decided to try the private sector, cofounding Equip Health in 2019. Equip’s focus is family-based treatment, an evidence-backed outpatient treatment model for adolescents and young adults, which it provides virtually. Equip has so far served more than 1,000 families; it raised $58 million in a Series B earlier this year and has partnered with a number of the nation’s major insurers, including Aetna, Cigna, and UnitedHealthcare.       Follow: Twitter Instagram