Enric Asunción

Courtesy of Wallbox
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    Cofounder and CEO
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Enric Asunción is CEO of Wallbox, a leading provider of smart, at-home charging systems for electric cars. Asunción, who hails from Barcelona, is already an EV veteran: Before cofounding Wallbox, he worked for automotive engineering firm Applus+ IDIADA, then Tesla, where he was responsible for home charging in Europe. Now his company has two factories in Europe, one in China, and a new one in the U.S.—and in October 2021 Wallbox became the first Spanish tech firm to list on the NYSE. With the EV market still in its early days, and Wallbox’s presence in 120 countries to date, Asunción sees massive opportunities ahead, not just for charging EVs but also in the wider transition to renewable energy: Because Wallbox’s system is bidirectional, it can also use EV batteries to power the home in the event of a power outage.       Follow: Twitter