David Vivero

Courtesy of David Vivero
  • Age
  • Title
    Cofounder and CEO
  • Company
    Amino Health

At age 19, David Vivero was diagnosed with hereditary hemochromatosis, a rare condition. Some years later, after leaving his job as VP of rentals at Zillow, Vivero applied for health insurance and found that he was denied coverage because of his condition. He then spent weeks trying to figure out how he could afford a plan. Instead of accepting the health care system in the U.S. for the labyrinth that it is, Vivero and his cofounders decided to demystify the process by creating a health care price transparency platform and benefits navigator, Amino Health. Vivero tells Fortune that some of the most significant purchases in one’s life regarding health care are often made with little information—and a lot of inconveniences. “We try to make it convenient to make really great choices in health care,” he explains. So far, they’ve been successful, as Amino says its interface increased the rate at which people choose high-quality, low-cost providers by two to three times compared with nonusers. “We are provably able to shift people toward making a better decision for themselves,” he says.       Follow: Twitter