Courtesy of Ankit Gupta
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    Founder and CEO
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    Bicycle Health

The No. 1 priority in addressing the opioid crisis in America is improving access to treatment and recovery services, according to the Department of Health and Human Services. Yet 40% of U.S counties lack facilities that offer medication-assisted treatment. Enter Ankit Gupta, whose Bicycle Health aims to fill that gap with specialized telehealth services for opioid use disorder. Gupta founded the company in 2017, when he bought a single clinic in Redwood City, Calif. Then in 2020, government regulations were relaxed to allow for more opioid-treatment medications to be prescribed online. Since then, Bicycle Health has expanded to 29 states, treated 20,000 patients, and raised $83 million in venture funding. Bicycle says it has a 40% higher rate of retention than standard in-person clinics, as well as a lower cost for many patients, owing to the ease of access via telehealth. With the $50 million in funding Bicycle received in June 2022, Gupta tells Fortune he plans to expand to six more states over the next couple of quarters, improve Bicycle’s tech, and grow the number of health plans offering Bicycle’s services.       Follow: Twitter Instagram