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    Call Her Daddy

Alex Cooper always wanted to be famous, she just wasn’t sure how. When the former Boston University soccer star got laid off from her first postgrad job, she and her then-roommate and best friend, Sofia Franklyn, decided to start the raunchy sex podcast Call Her Daddy. “No one was talking the way me and my teammates back in college on the soccer team would talk in the locker room,” Cooper tells Fortune. “There was no woman out there being so raw and honest and salacious.” Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy discovered the podcast and hired Cooper and Franklyn as employees, taking ownership of its intellectual property. The show went viral—going from 12,000 to 2 million downloads in two months—and after the first year, the cohosts wanted a better deal. Ultimately, Cooper won ownership of the show, and today she has one of the most lucrative deals in podcasting: $60 million to license Call Her Daddy exclusively to Spotify for three years. She’s also pivoted the show’s content to celebrity interviews, clinician-advised mental health information, and relationship advice. In the process, she’s become Spotify’s most popular female podcaster.       Follow: Spotify Twitter Instagram TikTok