40 under 40-2021 Rohan Seth
Rohan Seth, cofounder of ClubhouseCourtesy of Clubhouse
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Rohan Seth has been going nonstop since early 2020 when he cofounded Clubhouse, a social media startup that’s a cross between talk radio and a group chat. When the coronavirus pandemic forced people to stay home, the service exploded in popularity. Millions downloaded the app to listen to luminaries like rapper MC Hammer and Tesla CEO Elon Musk. As an engineering lead at Clubhouse, Seth is responsible for ensuring the app can handle the huge influx of users. In 2019, Seth created the Lydian Accelerator, a health care nonprofit named after his daughter Lydia that is focused on discovering treatments for rare genetic disorders. Lydian Accelerator’s goal is to uncover the medical treatments that traditional pharmaceutical giants may ignore because of their rarity. Taking cues from the tech industry, the accelerator aims to open-source and make free the genetic data, processes, and protocols necessary to develop potentially game-changing personalized treatments.

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