Bo Burnham

40 under 40-2021 Bo Burnham
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    Comedian, Actor, Musician, and Director
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Despite being filmed solo during lockdown with no audience or crew to assist him, Bo Burnham’s musical comedy special Inside made a huge impact on viewers who related to the intimacy and introspection he put into his work. Burnham’s dark humor and honesty captured viewers who had experienced similar emotions during a year of lockdowns, obligatory masking, and uncertainty for the future. The special earned Burnham six Emmy nominations in 2021 and was released in theaters for a single weekend in July after streaming success on Netflix. Months after the special first aired, many of Burnham’s songs from Inside found a new life on TikTok. Some of his most popular songs from the special, such as “Bezos I” and “Welcome to the Internet,” were merged with short, funny clips that went viral on the app.