Symone Sanders

Rachel Luna—Getty Images
  • Age
  • Title
    Senior adviser
  • Company
    Joe Biden’s presidential campaign

From Bernie to Biden, if you need a power player to advocate on your behalf, you call Symone Sanders. The former Bernie Sanders national press secretary and current senior adviser to Joe Biden has quickly become a notable force in the political world. From television screens to radio shows to Twitter feeds, she’s seemingly everywhere at once, shaping the narrative of the election and ardently calling out any inaccuracies she sees being reported. At just 30, Sanders has a long career ahead of her, and she’s never subscribed to a “wait for your turn” ethos. When she was just 25, she told Sen. Bernie Sanders that she wanted to be his national press secretary—and got the job. Her bold ambitions serve as an inspiration to young women everywhere. So what’s next? Sanders won’t hesitate to tell you what she has her eye on: the White House. “One day I want to be White House press secretary,” she wrote in her memoir. If the past indicates anything, we don’t doubt her.