Racquel Bracken

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When Venrock makes an investment, people tend to notice. That’s no surprise, given that the VC firm has proved it has an unusually accurate finger on the pulse of the health care industries of the future. So it’s no mean feat for a 37-year-old like Racquel Bracken to land a job at such a firm as a vice president, as she did in 2016, and to be promoted to a partner position merely four years later. Bryan Roberts, one of the true gurus at Venrock, sings her praises to Fortune. In 2018, Roberts notes, Bracken led the $35 million Series B funding round for Cyteir, a company focused on developing novel oncology drugs by exploiting DNA repair biology. “She was integral to securing the deal, recruiting the CEO, and helping assemble a dynamic and highly effective team,” Roberts says; she’s now on the company’s board, as well.