Paul and Michael Dabrowski

Kaare Iverson
  • Age
    35, 39
  • Title
    Cofounder and CEO; Cofounder and adviser
  • Company

The Dabrowski brothers are accelerating the Crispr revolution. Computer engineers who previously worked at SpaceX, they founded Synthego in 2012. They had only limited experience in biology, but what they did have was the vision of software engineers to automate a lot of the painstaking lab work that slows innovation in the life sciences. Today the Silicon Valley startup, which has raised more than $250 million in funding and is approaching unicorn territory, functions like the Amazon of genomic engineering, a swift provider of cutting-edge tools and platform applications—RNA, engineered cell lines, Crispr reagents—that allows scientists to get straight to their most meaningful work. The company’s products have been key to speeding up the fight against COVID-19, with researchers using them to study the disease and develop drugs and diagnostics. Crispr coinventor Jennifer Doudna is such a believer that she sits on Synthego’s advisory board.

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