Michael Seibel

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    Y Combinator

This summer marked the 31st time that Y Combinator, the famed startup accelerator, held a Demo Day to show off its best investments to Silicon Valley and investors around the world. But with COVID-19 continuing its march around the globe, Seibel had to change things up and hold the whole shebang online. The upshot: Even more investors than usual tuned in. In June, Seibel joined Reddit’s board, becoming its first black member. The serial entrepreneur has been running YC's startup accelerator for four years, but his familiarity runs far deeper: The firm backed him twice as a cofounder, including at JustinTV, the online video platform that eventually morphed into Twitch and sold to Amazon for $1 billion. Despite all his success, Seibel has said that his mother is still mad that he didn't go to law school.

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