Lindsey Finch

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    Global privacy and data protection officer
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In college, Lindsey Finch dreamed of digging up secrets as a journalist. But an internship at the Federal Trade Commission led her down a quite different path—she has instead spent her career as a leader in digital privacy and law, protecting information. That included roles at the Department of Homeland Security and General Electric before she joined Salesforce as a privacy lawyer in 2008. Salesforce helps businesses track sensitive data about their customers and does it in the “cloud,” so it was under the gun on security from the start. But since Finch joined the company, digital privacy has become an increasingly central problem for society, leading to new data-protection laws such as Europe’s GDPR rules. Finch and her team were central to making sure Salesforce’s tools, and in turn its clients, complied with the new legal landscape. As Salesforce continues its march toward becoming a core element of 21st-century business—its revenue grew 26% in 2019—security is more important than ever to earning customer trust.

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