Kate Bedingfield

  • Age
  • Title
    Deputy campaign manager and communications director
  • Company
    Joe Biden’s presidential campaign

Running a press shop for a presidential candidate is one of the most difficult jobs in politics, and Kate Bedingfield is doing it all from home, with two young children at her side. As deputy campaign manager and director of communications for Joe Biden’s campaign for President, Bedingfield manages a team of at least 100, regularly advises the former Vice President, and shapes his messaging and strategy. Nearly everything that the Biden campaign releases to the public has had Bedingfield’s hands on it. So how does she manage in the middle of a pandemic? “Communication is everything,” she says. “On the campaign, we have set up a daily cadence of calls. But all of this separation is a reminder that even the smallest piece of information shared can help someone on your team do their job better, which in turn helps you do your job better.” It doesn’t hurt that Biden enjoys it when her kids Zoombomb a call with him. She has a long history with the Vice President, having worked as his communications director at the White House. Before teaming up with Team Joe, she worked as an associate communications director, deputy director of media affairs, and the director of response in Obama’s White House.

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