Daniel Barash

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    Vice president, political
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Daniel Barash may be young, but he’s seen quite a bit in his time as a campaign strategist. He served as Sen. Michael Bennet’s presidential campaign manager, where he oversaw a team of 60 people and lifted a candidate who many wrote off initially to the debate stage alongside Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders. Before that, he was tasked with managing expansion districts for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, where he was put in charge of 30 of the toughest districts in a bid to turn states once ruby red toward a more purple hue. When races appear to be insurmountable, Barash is who Democrats call on to make things happen. He honed his skills in understanding how to do that as deputy director of opinion research for Hillary for America in 2016, where he worked with a $13 million budget to figure out what American voters wanted and how they wanted it. Now, he’s working with communications powerhouse SKDKnickerbocker as a strategist and vice president in its political division. “My grandfather bravely escaped an oppressive life in Russia, but he often repeated an old Russian saying: ‘When the eyes fear, the hands do,’” Barash said of his approach to politics. “At first glance, things often look complicated and hard—even impossible. But once you start something, you see that you're capable of doing much more than you imagined.”