Briahna Joy Gray

Samantha Burkardt—Getty Images
  • Age
  • Title
    Former national press secretary
  • Company
    Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign

As national press secretary for the Bernie Sanders campaign, Briahna Joy Gray helped shape and craft a progressive message that millions of Americans who felt left out of the political system or abandoned by the capitalist machine united around. Throughout the primary fight, she was attacked by moderate Democrats for what they viewed as criticisms of their beliefs, but she refused to back down, operating a press machine that nearly propelled Sanders, once considered an outsider, to the Democratic nomination. When Sanders suspended his campaign, Gray refused to endorse his competitor and the eventual Democratic candidate, Joe Biden, causing Sanders to say that the move was irresponsible and that she “is my former press secretary—not on the payroll.” Still, her conviction gained her new followers on the far left and secured her place as a progressive lightning rod. After earning her undergrad and law degree at Harvard University, Gray began a career in corporate law before joining The Intercept as their senior politics editor. She is now acting as a contributing editor to Current Affairs magazine.