Andrew Dudum

  • Age
  • Title
    Founder and CEO
  • Company
    Hims & Hers

Digital health is an industry on a stratospheric trajectory. The coronavirus pandemic has only bolstered its ascent, lifting the prospects of companies that can offer virtual health services at a time when patients, and especially those at highest risk, simply can’t afford to go into a medical facility that’s filled with potential COVID-19 patients. Andrew Dudum was ahead of the curve on this one. While Hims (technically now Hims & Hers), began as a digital health startup geared toward men, it has since expanded its footprint to include women’s health via Hers, with telehealth services and products spanning mental health, primary care, and a variety of specific conditions ranging from erectile dysfunction to hair loss, acne, and beyond. "Our vision is very much to be the new front door of how people engage with health care," CEO Andrew Dudum told Fortune in a 2019 interview. "We want to treat a very broad set of conditions." The plan has attracted some notable names—including Dr. Toby Cosgrove, the former chief of the Cleveland Clinic, who joined the Hims & Hers board late last year and is himself a telemedicine evangelist. "I’d like to see them continue to expand their repertoire of services, we’ve had discussions on how you can do that," says Cosgrove. "Smoking cessation, weight reduction, etc."