Katrina Lake

Benjamin Rasumussen
  • Age
  • Title
    Founder and CEO
  • Company
    Stitch Fix

In taking Stitch Fix public in November of last year, Lake became not only the sole woman to take a tech startup public in 2017, but one of the youngest female founders ever to lead a company into the public markets. After a bumpy start, the online retail and styling company's stock has surged, with shares more than doubling since the IPO. Currently valued at more than $3 billion, Stitch Fix has amassed 2.7 million active customers and is on track to bring in $1.2 billion in revenue this year—strong footing it will need as it tries to fend off a challenge from Amazon's new Prime Wardrobe service. Lake herself will close out the year with another launch: her second child is due in November, and she plans to plant a flag for other CEO moms by taking a full 16 weeks of maternity leave.

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