Andy Katz-Mayfield and Jeff Raider

Courtesy of Harry's
  • Age
    33, 34
  • Title
    Co-founders, co-CEOs
  • Company

In the online razor wars, Dubin and Dollar Shave Club came first, but the two companies approach the market differently. By the nature of its name, Dollar Shave Club makes price its biggest differentiator; Harry’s competes on design and engineering, plus a bit of philanthropy. (No doubt a strategy shared with Warby Parker, which Raider co-founded.) To that end, Harry’s owns its own blade manufacturing facility in Germany—one reason why the company has so many employees (and why Katz-Mayfield has picked up some German language skills). “Sometimes we pinch ourselves thinking about having a 600-person team for a company that’s only two years old,” Raider says. His co-founder adds: “We’re going to triple the business this year.” The best measure of the company’s success? Gillette’s launch of its own online subscription shave club.