Nick Woodman

Scott Olson—Getty Images; Grid Photo: David Paul Morris— Getty Images
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What started as Woodman’s personal passion—it was the desire to capture his own athletic feats that led him to devise a wearable, durable camcorder—has turned into a camera-selling machine, raking in nearly $1 billion in revenue last year and recently selling its 10 millionth GoPro. After a successful IPO in June (the company’s shares popped over 30% in its first day of trading), GoPro shares have more than tripled. But Woodman, an avid surfer, mountain biker and snowboarder, believes the next wave of growth will come from a content strategy: distributing the footage that’s generated by millions of his company’s users. GoPro “channels” that air videos—from close-ups of hummingbirds to a base jumper flinging herself off a cliff in high heels—are already available on Virgin America flights and Xbox gaming consoles, while a YouTube channel has more than 2 million subscribers. Woodman has even loftier goals: Promoting world peace by enabling people to share their passions with each other.