100 Fastest-Growing Companies

Shale rules! That’s the lesson of the latest edition of our annual list of public companies with the most stellar three-year profit, revenue, and stock growth. (For our methodology, see the link below.) The list, as always, provides a snapshot of the economy’s hottest areas in the recent past. Okay, it’s more than just a shale story (for example, see “Winnebago Rolls Again,” linked below). But a quarter of the companies here make money drilling, pumping, transporting, servicing, refining, or selling oil or natural gas. The more surprising results, perhaps, are found in the runner-up categories, which reveal a resurgence in two sectors that seemed moribund a few years ago: financial services and housing/real estate. Oil, Wall Street, houses, and comebacks from disaster—it’s the newest twist on some of the most eternal themes in American business.