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Nadia Squarci and Sergio Scarlet—the duo behind Hackatao—reside in the mountains outside of Milan, where they have been making digital art since 2018. Squarci told the Museum of Contemporary Digital Art that they are “two opposite yet complimentary souls.” The pair frequently depict little cartoon monsters in their surrealist pop art. The team recently put a digital spin on Leonardo da Vinci’s “Head of a Bear” drawing, calling it “Hack of a Bear.”






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Favorite NFT artist: “There are many, we prefer those who actively engage in the community and experiment by charting new paths in the NFT space.”

Favorite NFT collectible: “In our personal collection we have pieces by Robbie Rabbat, Xcopy, licknittle, OficinasTK… their works, for sure among the most precious in our collection.”