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  • Title
    SVP and Publisher
  • Affiliation
    Simon & Schuster
  • Age
  • 2019 Rank

Book publishing isn’t a huge industry, but what we read is powerful, with far-reaching impact on our culture and beliefs. And books have been on a tear, relatively speaking: The recent political upheaval in the U.S. has opened the door to more than a handful of buzzy bestsellers, all at a time when many are stuck at home, owing to the pandemic, with more hours than ever for books and TV shows. Canedy, the first Black person to head a major publishing imprint, is on a mission to make sure that the book industry also responds to the racial reckoning sweeping the world, and that the door is opened to a wider range of authors and ideas than ever before. As the newish publisher of Simon & Schuster, she now has the power to do just that.

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