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The idea for design website Canva grew out of frustration Perkins encountered in college: it took weeks, if not months, to learn mainstream desktop-based design software offered by the likes of Microsoft and Adobe. Perkins and her cofounder (and now husband) Cliff Obrecht launched a yearbook publishing company to test their hypothesis that students needed an easy-to-navigate design website. Not even 10 years later, the platform now known for tools that let teams design presentations, social media posts, and posters has 60 million monthly active users across 190 countries and says it serves 85% of Fortune 500 businesses. Canva’s skyrocketing valuation, supercharged by the pandemic’s digitization push, has catapulted the Sydney-based firm into the upper echelon of decacorns. A round of funding in September—$200 million led by T. Rowe Price—valued Canva at $40 billion, made it the fifth-largest startup in the world and the most valuable startup led by a female CEO.


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