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In her first year as CEO of the giant French power company, MacGregor, an oil and gas industry veteran, focused on simplifying the $63.5 billion group—and rebuilding its future around clean energy. The journey is in its early stages, but MacGregor has announced her intention to sell off more than $10 billion in assets to further the company’s drive into renewables (an interest of her ousted predecessor, Isabelle Kocher, as well). She’s also restructuring the company, so rather than 25 business units, it has four; she’s exited four of the more than 50 countries where Engie does business, but plans to be in fewer than 30 by 2023. For now, Engie still makes most of its money in gas, and that business has improved with the economic recovery from COVID and a cold winter in Europe. In the first half of 2021, revenues increased 13.9% over the previous year.


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