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    Original Soul Vegetarian (OSV) is a Chicago-based vegetarian restaurant serving nutritious healthy foods. Its predecessor restaurant, Soul Vegetarian East was founded in 1982 to help the community overcome some of the health changes that had plagued it for years, including diabetes, cancer, and high blood pressure. In 2012, Lori Seay and Arel Brown (children of the original owners) became the new owners and worked strategically to bring the company from red to black.

    OSV is active in its underserved neighborhood. The Chicago-based company donates meals to churches to feed the homeless and provides health classes to the local community to promote healthier eating and cooking. Additionally, it offers employment to individuals who were previously incarcerated, giving them a second chance as they transition back to society.

    Company Information

    HQ Location
    Business Leader(s)
    Lori Seay, CEO and General Partner and Arel Brown, COO and General Partner
    2019 Revenue$1,774,564
    Four-Year Revenue Growth (%)49.95%
    Four-Year Jobs Created7