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French Truck Coffee is a New Orleans-headquartered coffee shop. It opened its first store in 2012, and since then, it has been a key part in the revitalization of its surrounding community. “It has always been my contention that coffee shops change neighborhoods,” says CEO and founder Geoffrey Meeker, who strives to make French Truck an institution for each community it moves into.

Meeker also works to promote inclusive prosperity through the company’s hiring practices: “We hire anyone, irrespective of education or background, who has the personality and ability to take care of the customers. I’ve seen people change their lives working with us—and change the community in the process.”

Every quarter, French Truck Coffee designates a portion of sales to a cause that helps lift up the people around its stores. Recipients have included Youth Run Nola, SBP, BeLite, and Laginappe Krewe Emergency Relief Fund.

Company Information

HQ Location
New Orleans, La.
Business Leader(s)
Geoffrey Meeker, CEO
2019 Revenue$7,215,004
Four-Year Revenue Growth (%)507.81%
Four-Year Jobs Created98