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    The German start-up is focused on reducing both the environmental and geographical footprint of farming. Rather than grow things in far-off fields and transport them to population centers, Infarm—which has 1,000 farms in 10 countries—concentrates the entire agricultural supply chain in a single store or distribution center, in order to grow its products as close as possible to where it sells them. The start-up grows 65 varieties of greens using hydroponic technology, a method that Infarm says uses 95% less water and 75% less fertilizer than soil-based agriculture. In late September, Infarm announced it has raised more than $170 million in its latest, ongoing round of fundraising.

    Company information

    Erez Galonska
    No. of employees (approximate)600
    LGT Lightstone, Cherry Ventures, Hanaco, Bonnier, Haniel, Latitude, Atomico, TriplePoint Capital, Mons Capital, Astanor Ventures
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