Methodology for Change the World

How We Chose the Companies

The Change the World list recognizes companies that have had a positive social impact through activities that are part of their core business strategy. The initial solicitation and assessment of nominees is conducted in partnership with the Shared Value Initiative, a global platform for organizations seeking business solutions to social challenges; and FSG, a nonprofit social-impact consulting firm. Fortune writers and editors then evaluate and rank the companies by these four factors:

1. Measurable social impact: We consider the reach, nature, and durability of the company’s impact on one or more specific societal problems. This category receives extra weight.

2. Business results: We consider the benefit the socially impactful work brings to the company. Profitability and contribution to shareholder value outweigh benefits to the company’s’ reputation.

3. Degree of innovation: We consider how innovative the company’s effort is relative to that of others in its industry and whether other companies have followed its example.

4. Corporate Integration: We consider how integral the initiative is to a company’s overall strategy, and how well that strategy is communicated through the ranks and elsewhere.

Head Writers: Erika Fry and Matt Heimer

Lead Researcher: Natallie Rocha

Contributors: Danielle Abril, Eamon Barrett, Lydia Belanger, Katherine Dunn, Robert Hackett, Emma Hinchliffe, Clifton Leaf, Rey Mashayekhi, Jake Meth, McKenna Moore, Sy Mukherjee, Brian O’Keefe, Aaron Pressman, Anne Sraders, Jen Wieczner.