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In June 2020, on the heels of the United Nations releasing a devastating warning that 265 million people worldwide were at risk of starvation by the end of the year, Yara International jumped into the fray. Under a plan called Action Africa, it quickly shipped out 40,000 metric tons of fertilizer to Africa, which the company estimated would help triple the region’s maize production and end up feeding 1 million people for one year. In total, 250,000 smallholder farmers were supported by the donation. The gift was more than just philanthropy, however: It was also an effort to support a growing customer base. Action Africa has created a new digital platform as well to provide farmers with free advice throughout the growing season. Launched in July 2020, it already has 2 million participating farmers, and it’s helping Yara generate a growing stream of revenues from rural African communities.
Courtesy of Yara
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