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In 2021 the Singapore-based logistics and energy trading firm Trafigura had its best year ever in trading volumes—of both metals and petroleum—and in profits, which hit $3.1 billion. Trafigura benefited from 2021’s tumultuous price swings in commodities, and capitalized on price differences across the globe. Early in 2021, Trafigura made history with its largest acquisition ever, purchasing a 10% stake in Vostok Oil’s newest Arctic drilling operation for $7 billion; in July 2022, however, it sold off that stake as part of an effort to distance itself from Russia in the wake of the Ukraine invasion. The firm also broke into the green-energy space, establishing a new power and renewables division that includes a carbon-credits trading desk. It invested $68 million of its own money in renewable energy projects, including the mining of nickel, a key component in electric car batteries, and a joint venture with Swift Current Energy, an American solar and wind power company.
Dhiraj Singh—Bloomberg/Getty Images
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