As consumers and advocates have pushed for more diversity in all sectors of the economy in recent years, personal care and beauty products retailer Sephora has stepped up to the challenge. In 2020, it became the first major retailer to pledge that 15% of its assortment would be dedicated to Black-owned brands, and through 2021 it had doubled the Black-owned brands it sold. The company also took a microscope to the retail industry with its Racial Bias in Retail Study, which found that two in five retail shoppers had been unfairly treated because of their skin color and and three in five retail employees had witnessed bias in the workplace. Since receiving the survey results, Sephora has launched 20 inclusivity training modules for its employees and established a talent incubator program to train and promote diverse managers, while also introducing its first Black-owned brands campaign to celebrate the contributions of Black people to the beauty industry.
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